DLAR Website Access Information

Overview of Procedures for Accessing the DLAR website

Access to the internal DLAR website is provided by way of an HSConnect account.  The site is restricted to certain research faculty and staff who’s access is granted by their specific employment classification or who have been sponsored by a Health Sciences faculty member.

Summary of the process for attaining access to the DLAR:

  1. Obtain an HSConnect account. If you don’t have one, sign up for one at the HSConnect website.
  2. Pitt faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students should validate their HSConnect account by linking their account to their Pitt employment profile.  If you are not a Pitt employee, then skip to step 4.
  3. Once the profile is matched, most Principle Investigators will have access based on their Pitt employment classification granting their HSConnect account automatic access.
  4. Other users (e.g. research and administrative staff), who’s employment classification does not qualify for automatic access must be sponsored by a faculty member from the Health Sciences research community (usually the PI). Faculty can sponsor a staff member by logging into the DLAR Website and submitting a ‘Web Access’ request found in the ‘Security Access’ section of the ‘Operational Support’ page.